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Keles Keyless Expander : A New Approach For Rapid Palapal Expansion
Improving quality of life with a team approach:A case report
Reconstruction of an alveolar cleft for orthodontic tooth movement
A new approach in maxillary molar distalization:Intraoral bodily molar distalizer
The effects of a modified protraction headgear on maxilla
Effect of Varying the Force Direction on Maxillary Orthopedic Protraction
Noncompliance Unilateral Maxillary Molar Distalization: A Three-Dimensional Tooth Movement Analysis
Distalization of Molars with Absolute Anchorage
The Use of Skeletal Anchorage in Open Bite Treatment: A Cephalometric Evaluation
Maxillary Unilateral molar distalazation with sliding mechanics : a preliminary investigation
Method for the Placement of Palatal Implants
Unilateral distazation of a maxillary molar with sliding mechanics :a case report
An Effective and Precise Method for Rapid Molar Derotation: Keles TPA
Inhibition of tooth movement by osteoprotegerin vs. pamidronate under conditions of constant orthodontic force
A New Method for Correction of Anterior Open Bite
A New Anchorage Site for the Treatment of Anterior Open Bite: Zygomatic Anchorage. Case Report
Bilateral Maxillary Molar Distalization with Sliding Mechanics: Keles Slider
Keles TPA Book Chapter
Keles Slider Book Chapter